I'm so excited to simply be able to sit in comfort again.
Great product. Ordering my second.
The shorts have helped me very, very much. I love them.


After surviving prostate cancer and stage 4 colon cancer, I can understand how some of the basic comforts, like sitting at a meeting, concert, or social event for a long period of time can become a luxury. I personally use SitRelief Shorts. Tomorrow I’m attending an eighth grade graduation for a granddaughter, and I can assure you that the first thing I’m putting on to prepare for the long ceremony on hard folding chairs will be my Sit Relief Shorts. Quality of life has to be your number one priority in order to survive life’s challenges these days.
Working in the field of HIV/AIDS for many years has provided me with an opportunity to meet many people who need help with sitting pain. SitRelief Shorts are not only innovative but alter the quality of life for so many who benefit from this amazing invention. Try them, they will make life a lot more pleasant.
I purchased some shorts for my aunt who is taking chemo. She's been resistant to wigs etc but loves the SitRelief Shorts. I'm glad you were able to bring it to market. It's a great help.
I have been suffering with fat and muscle loss in the buttocks for many years. When I sit on a hard surface I feel myself sitting on bone. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You're a God-send.
After years of suffering, I can go out with my friends again and enjoy life.
They help a lot and ease the pain of sitting on hitting hard surfaces. They are clearly the best product on the market.
My ability to sit without pain and discomfort has finally arrived and the changes are great. Focusing on my work and tasks without being distracted from them because of agony has been the new experience. It’s a gift to be fully present when I’m with others or in an activity, and I feel that my work performance is returning to a higher level.


I tested the shorts the other day on my dirt bike and man they are great!!
Rode 16,200 miles in 24 days wearing SitRelief Shorts.....They work!
These shorts are worth every penny. At first I was a little put off by the price, but after breaking these in on a 4500-mile round trip ride, I was blown away. I was able to stay in the saddle for as long as an 860 mile day and have little to no discomfort. Best accessory I've ever bought.
I had a little sticker shock at first - paying this much for a pair of fancy shorts... but holy heck, they work! I wore these for nearly all of a 4,600 round trip motorcycle ride and they were amazing. Before, I'd get uncomfortable after a couple hundred miles... but with the SitRelief shorts on, I rode as far as 850 miles straight one day with no discomfort. Highly recommend!
After using the SitRelief Riding Shorts for 600 mile days, I can report that they work and I complete those days without pain. They also keep me in better contact with the motorcycle and allow better control in the curves than other pads (Airhawk, gel, beads, sheepskin) I have placed on the seat of the motorcycle in the past.
Twenty days and 14,454 miles riding in the 2011 Hoka Hey Challenge motorcycle rally wearing SitRelief shorts. Lower body pain or soreness was never an issue, the shorts really work great!
On my 7,000 mile ride, everyone keeps asking me if my rear is sore!! ha ha ha OF COURSE NOT!! I have SitRelief Shorts on!!!!! Thank you so much!!
Just finished the Alcan5000 and used these shorts to help combat a chronic tailbone issue. Best "comfort" investment I made in preparation for this event.
I just got back from a 2000 mi. motorcycle ride and these shorts really made the 8-9 hr delays in the saddle much more comfortable. I consider them a part of my essential equipment now.
We went on a 330 mile ride last Saturday and another 317 on Sunday and absolutely love them!
My wife has very little fat (anywhere) and the "Sit Relief" shorts have been a tremendous asset to our motorcycling. We ride two-up on a cruiser, the bike has a larger than stock pillion pad but she still would suffer from butt fatigue on long rides. We tried bicycle padded shorts and she really didn't feel much improvement or difference. SitRelief Shorts were recommended to us at the local BMW dealership. I ordered the shorts online; they arrived quickly, looked well made and were made in USA! The women's shorts were sized perfectly. She tested them on 150 mile ride through the Finger Lakes and was very pleased! Now I know she is enjoying the ride no matter how far we ride.


I attend Astros baseball games with hard seats. These shorts really make a difference.
My father is able to enjoy going to his Edmonton Oilers hockey games again.
Made a huge difference in my last airplane ride.

Additional General

They make sitting much more comfortable
Great product! I am ordering my second pair. The shorts let me do things in comfort that I couldn’t have done.
These shorts are fantastic. They cut the discomfort by 99%. Thank you!
I was blessed to find your company. For your customers you are an angel sent from somewhere nice.
The experience is not like sitting on a pillow. Much more like having one’s natural padding back. Thank you so much.
Bought 2 more: they are a miracle.
Great pain relief. I'm now feeling a bit zealous in promoting the shorts as a social service; as public interest cause.
I love your product. I was able to fly then sit in long meetings with far less discomfort than normal.
They’re great in restaurants and theaters, too. I almost never go out without them.
The shorts were great, definitely helped.
I remain the biggest fan of these shorts. I wear them every day.
I received the shorts today and I put them right on. I am glad I purchased them, the shorts help a lot.
I have now 3 pair of shorts. Thank You very much for the help.
My friend and I received our SitRelief women's padded shorts today. We are very appreciative! The padding is excellent and is going to be EXTREMELY helpful.
Best wishes for big sales on the shorts. Their design and execution are impressive. The foam is much more dense and supportive than its thickness suggests is possible, and it has a certain comforting fleshiness that surprised me.
I'm ordering another pair (never understood why one piece of clothing is called a 'pair'... but I digress). They definitely make life and sitting better when I know I'm going to be on a non-cushioned seat for awhile. So now I'll have two to switch out when one is in the wash. Thanks again.
Late yesterday afternoon I received the package you sent with the x-small shorts. I put them on and the smaller size fit me perfectly. I then sat at my kitchen table for the first time without my stupid pillow. These shorts are incredible! I especially like how they pad all the way down the back of my legs. I woke up this morning and after my shower put them on again and am wearing them at my desk chair again without my darn pillow. A friend of mine is taking me out to dinner tonight and for the first time I will not require a padded booth to sit in. I feel like part of my life is back to normal.
I can be independent again and do what I enjoy!
I greatly appreciate the lack of distraction from pain.
I remain an enthusiastic owner and supporter of SitRelief Shorts, and hope I can do more to further knowledge and outreach of the benefits and relief inherent in wearing Lipowear.
I’m still so much benefitting by and enjoying the Lipowear shorts I purchased! I can’t recall how I ever did without them.
Wow, these pants are really comfortable. I was really surprised and impressed how comfortable these are from the time I put them on.
I am satisfied with the comfort and appearance and will be a lifelong customer.
I like the way it fills me out and it is very comfortable while sitting. I do like the way the padding comes down the leg way better than the ‘Butt for you’ garment.

Additional Health

I recently purchased my first pair of LipoWear briefs and they have changed my attitude toward life with HIV.
I recently received and began wearing my first pair of LipoWear (briefs?). They are amazing, surpassing all expectations, and enable me to nearly forget the ravages 31 years as an HIV+ survivor have had upon my body! I would like to write a personal testimonial or in some way promote your product. Please let me know how I can share my excitement and relief brought about by finding, purchasing and wearing your product!
LipoWear’s benefits need to be shared so that so many boney assed HIV patients can get some relief.
It is so very comforting to find this product for my father. He has been in so much sitting pain for years!
You've got a great product as my father not only feels the difference, but the difference in the way he approaches periods of extended sitting outside his comfort areas has changed significantly. Thank you,
They feel good. They are comfortable. I feel much padding and support for my butt and back of legs when I wear them. Thanks for all you do.
I anxiously awaited my LipoWear shorts to arrive and boy was it worth the wait. I had concerns that they would make me appear that I was wearing something under my pants and would not look or feel natural. Well after putting them on under the most delicate linen pants my worries were unfounded. Not only did they feel like a second skin, they were totally undetectable. The comfort they gave me when sitting on a hard surface was incredible. I had not enjoyed a musical performance in quite a few years because my inability to sit for a period of even ten minutes. Now I am able to sit in comfort and enjoy the show. One other benefit is my self confidence has increased because I have a rear end again and being a little bit vain I'll take the complements and the feeling that I look my best.
I just want to tell you that my daughter loves these shorts and thinks your a genius for the invention!!! She is 12 years old and in March slipped and fell and has an ischial injury. She's had xrays and MRI done and they can't find anything but she can not sit down without pain. They think she has a compressed nerve ending or deep bone bruise but here it is 6 months later and she is no better. She sits on a pressure cushion (donut cushion) and carries it everywhere she goes in a bag. Well she just didn't want to carry it to school because its embarrassing, so last month I found your site and thought I would try your Sit Relief Shorts. When they came and she tried them on, (I ordered the Woman's Medium), they fit everywhere but the length were too long, she is just 5ft tall. I cut out 5" of the foam off the bottom and left the material long that way the stitching was still intact. She tried them on and the length was perfect. She could sit on the ground, in chairs, anywhere and doesn't have to carry around her pillow. School just started 2 days ago and she is so happy not to have to take her pillow and get teased. She said they are very comfortable and that whoever made these are her heroes!! So I just wanted to say thanks, and maybe you can expand and make child size (or shorter people) version of these as well someday?? Thanks again for making my child comfortable!! I'm hoping her pain heals someday but until then she will be wearing your Sit Relief Shorts.

Additional Motorcycle

I used them for a 250 mi. motorcycle ride last Sunday and they worked well. These shorts could really become popular with skinny motorcycle riders.
700 miles. I found I didn't have any wear on my butt to speak of and I would recommend them to any biker who was planning to take a long ride.
I sit a little taller in the saddle of my Harley.
My boyfriend tried my women’s SitRelief Shorts on a long ride and loves them. Don’t use my name.
Thanks. I bought a pair of your great Lipowear shorts and have worn them while riding my motorcycle. Really comfortable and fit like a glove. I highly recommend your product to anyone who wants the extra comfort on long trips by motorcycle, auto or plane.
The shorts made a 300 mile motorcycle ride heaven for my wife and I. These (SitRelief Shorts) are great, Thank You!
The shorts worked great. Did about 400 miles and all feels great so ready to try for some longer rides.

Additional Recreation

Last night I gave my SitRelief Shorts the ultimate test. I attended a graduation ceremony at a football stadium. The seats were made out of concrete. I was so glad that I was protected from the hard seating and was comfortable for the entire time. It made me a believer in your product. Thank you so much.
After years of sitting pain and missing out, I am going to the opera again. What a wonderful product. Thank you for your effort to help those of us suffering from sitting pain.
Thank you for sending the replacement which I received yesterday. It's a 100% perfect fit, it couldn't be any better. Now, I'll be wearing this when I anticipate long periods of sitting at seminars, long trips, movies. I'm so very happy!
Able to take 3 hr plane trips to visit family. That is great. Great help on hard seating.
My overall impression of the shorts is that they do help reduce the pain of sitting for long periods........I have worn the shorts to work and sat through meetings (where you sit all day) and I have worn the shorts to church (very hard seats).......I saw improvement over wearing no shorts and improvement over the "Butt4You" shorts that I purchases several years ago. They really don't help much with comfort, but they were the only thing I could find on the market at the time.
I feel like I am no longer restricted to certain activities. My confidence in my appearance has improved greatly. Also note after the initial wash and dry they do fit even better than when I first received my shorts. Thank you, LipoWear.
Attended 2.5 day class in comfort
I am starting to wear them more and more as I frequently sit in meetings that last for hours and have discovered that these shorts make it a lot more bearable. Thanks for a great product.

Cushioning covers the entire sitting area from the waist to mid thigh, providing extended sitting comfort.

SitRelief Shorts reduced the average sitting pressure over 50% for the whole sitting area. The pressure was reduced a dramatic 72% under the ischial bones, the area of peak pressure.


SitRelief Shorts are:

  • Discreet padded undergarment
  • Anatomically designed (patent pending)
  • Clinically tested by physicians
  • Sitting pain relieving
  • Lightweight Poylester/Spandex
  • Performance apparel design
  • Washable & quick drying
  • Made in the USA by SitRelief

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Start sitting more comfortably again.


If you are not fully satisfied, return the shorts within 30 days and we will refund the purchase price less a $10 handling fee.

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