SitRelief Use: Recreational

Sitting Pressure Report

SitRelief Shorts reduced the average sitting pressure over 50% for the whole sitting area.


"I attend baseball games with hard plastic seats. Sit Relief Shorts really make a difference!"


"We went on a ride last Saturday and we absolutely love them! You have a winner for motorcyclists!"


“I attended a two and a half day class in comfort, now I wear them every day!”


"I love your product! I'm so excited to simply be able to sit in comfort again."


“I just got back from a motorcycle ride and consider these shorts a part of my essential equipment now.”


“They’re great in restaurants and theaters, too! I almost never go out without them.”


“I'll be wearing these amazing shorts, when we take long trips. I'm so very happy I bought two more pair!”


“My wife was right. They made a huge difference in my last airplane ride. A great Product!”

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SitRelief Use: Recreational

Enjoy Your Favorite Activity More...

Enjoy Activity

Tired of not being able to enjoy your favorite activity more because of sitting pain?

SitRelief Shorts is the answer for you. Our shorts were medically designed and clinically tested to provide a convenient, discreet solution to sitting pain. Wear them under your clothing and leave those cumbersome cushions at home. Great for any activity where prolonged sitting is uncomfortable for you:

  • stadium events
  • motorcycling
  • concerts
  • plane and train travel
  • snowmobiling
  • ice fishing
  • church pews
  • NASCAR events
  • commuting
  • yoga
  • trucking
  • sailing
  • hunting
  • musicians

You will have great pain relief and enjoy your activity more. Try them. "Sitting is believing."

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SitRelief Shorts Supports Long Distance Motorcycle Team at Hoka Hey Challenge

SitRelief Shorts Supports Journey to Change Rider

Cushioning covers the entire sitting area from the waist to mid thigh, providing extended sitting comfort.

SitRelief Shorts reduced the average sitting pressure over 50% for the whole sitting area. The pressure was reduced a dramatic 72% under the ischial bones, the area of peak pressure.


SitRelief Shorts are:

  • Discreet padded undergarment
  • Anatomically designed (patent pending)
  • Clinically tested by physicians
  • Sitting pain relieving
  • Lightweight Poylester/Spandex
  • Performance apparel design
  • Washable & quick drying
  • Made in the USA by SitRelief

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Start sitting more comfortably again.


If you are not fully satisfied, return the shorts within 30 days and we will refund the purchase price less a $10 handling fee.

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