Clinical Results

Clinical Results

Clinical Results

SitReliefs padded undergarments were clinically tested by physicians in HIV+ men with lipoatrophy and sitting pain.

The 2 month study demonstrated a dramatic increase in sitting comfort. At baseline, subjects were able to sit comfortably for an average of 11 minutes. With SitRelief Shorts, the average comfortable sitting time increased to three hours!

Quality of Life

A validated HIV Quality of Life Survey demonstrated a significant increase in Physical Function and Social Function as a result of wearing SitRelief Shorts. In addition, Mental Health and Cognitive Function also improved as a result of sitting pain relief.

The following areas improved significantly:

  • depression
  • doing more around the house
  • doing more outside the house
  • feeling isolated
  • lacking energy to socialize
  • spending quality time with friends.

In addition, trouble remembering things and short attention span improved.

As a result of sitting pain relief, subjects reported being able to participate longer and concentrate better in a wide variety of activities including:

  • choir
  • driving
  • reading
  • theater
  • work
  • church
  • meditation
  • restaurants
  • socializing
  • yoga
  • computer time
  • meetings
  • school
  • walking
  • writing letters
  • concerts
  • movies
  • seminars
  • watching TV
  • yard work
  • doing bills
  • plane travel
  • shopping
  • This expansion in activities contributed to the improved Quality of Life Rating scales in the multiple areas noted above.

    In general, subjects also reported:

    • decreased use of pain medications
    • rated the quality of their life as improved significantly
    • rated their appearance as improved significantly
    • rated the product as very useful
    • improved appearance
    • restored a normal body contour
    • 100% would recommend the product to others

    Comments by Patients

    "Wow!" is a common response
    "Thank you, thank you"
    "Great pain relief"
    "Why didn't someone think of this before???"
    "Feel good about appearance for first time in a long time"
    "The Shorts changed my life!"
    "Every chair felt better"
    "Clothes fit better"
    "I can't imagine life without them"
    "I reduced my pain medications"

    "I could visit friends again"

    Product Evaluations from Seniors

    A focus group of senior men with lipoatrophy and sitting pain was held. The results were essentially the same as the results from the clinical trials in HIV men.

    Seniors provided the following comments:

    "I could sit thru my grand daughter's college graduation in comfort"
    "Thank you very much"
    "Attended outdoor concert I would have not gone to"
    "Great product"
    "Driving was more comfortable"
    "You have a winner for seniors!"

    "You have a winner for seniors!"


    SitRelief Shorts significantly improved sitting pain comfort and appearance and significantly increased the quality of life in subjects with lipoatrophy and sitting pain.

    Cushioning covers the entire sitting area from the waist to mid thigh, providing extended sitting comfort.

    SitRelief Shorts reduced the average sitting pressure over 50% for the whole sitting area. The pressure was reduced a dramatic 72% under the ischial bones, the area of peak pressure.


    SitRelief Shorts are:

    • Discreet padded undergarment
    • Anatomically designed (patent pending)
    • Clinically tested by physicians
    • Sitting pain relieving
    • Lightweight Poylester/Spandex
    • Performance apparel design
    • Washable & quick drying
    • Made in the USA by SitRelief

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