Our Story
Our Story

Our Story

We observed a variety of sitting activities and venues where several patient populations experienced sitting discomfort and pain. Restaurants with hard seats, park benches, stadium seating and other locations were just not comfortable enough for many people.

We collaborated on the development of a discreet undergarment that would provide comfort in these activities and venues. The result is SitRelief Shorts. The shorts were clinically tested by physicians in patients with sitting pain and the results were outstanding. Sitting comfort increased from minutes to hours! People were able to return to activities abandoned with much greater enjoyment.

Following the launch of the medical product, other consumers started buying the shorts recommending we launch a consumer site oriented to recreational uses. Thus, www.sitrelief.com was created.

If you have activities where you could use some additional sitting comfort, try SitRelief Shorts. "Sitting is believing."

Cushioning covers the entire sitting area from the waist to mid thigh, providing extended sitting comfort.

SitRelief Shorts reduced the average sitting pressure over 50% for the whole sitting area. The pressure was reduced a dramatic 72% under the ischial bones, the area of peak pressure.


SitRelief Shorts are:

  • Discreet padded undergarment
  • Anatomically designed (patent pending)
  • Clinically tested by physicians
  • Sitting pain relieving
  • Lightweight Poylester/Spandex
  • Performance apparel design
  • Washable & quick drying
  • Made in the USA by SitRelief

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